Background Verification | Overview 

The workforce is becoming more and more global in today’s world. With the advancement in technology, geographical boundaries are no more a constraint in hiring good talent. You may be an Asia Headquartered entity, but that does not stop you from hiring a good resource in Western Europe. While talent acquisition is going beyond boundaries to get quality resources, the challenge of the senior HR Leadership is broken system and processes across country’s leading to lack of uniformity in candidate onboarding experience and ambiguity in the process defined by the management.

The complexity involved in adhering to local laws are high especially for a multinational operating in several countries across the globe. This keeps the HR leader awake at night wondering if they are following the laws in the country where the employees are based/hired.

Over the years, Neeyamo has addressed the background screening challenges of many organisations across the globe by standardising and simplifying the process. Our comprehensive solution for performing background checks is a mix of technology, process excellence and unprecedented compliance expertise that covers more than 200 countries & union territories.

Volume Capability:

Neeyamo's solution for performing background checks is highly flexible and scalable to accommodate the needs of any organisation. Our solution is tailored to support the screening requirements of enterprise level, mid-market and also small business firms by allowing you to select customised packages or even order individual searches based on your need. Neeyamo’s deep-rooted network across the globe enables us to produce remarkably accurate results within a very short turnaround time. Neeyamo helps organizations with annual screening programs for existing employees and it is done with shortest possible timeline, as this forms part of organization’s compliance audits.

Global Coverage:

The depth of our service can also be attributed to our global presence in 20+ countries delivering support and services from our global and proximity centres. We are also expanding our global presence to ensure a more localised service delivery to our customers scattered across the globe.


Technology is at the core of Neeyamo’s solution, our home-grown proprietary verification management system (VMS) has an innovative and highly automated approach to perform background checks. The VMS is cloud based and has API integration capabilities to integrate with any HRIS, ATS or VMS (background screeing platform).  The system can also accept excel or flat file format as an input.


Neeyamo also has a meticulous focus on global compliance. With a strong network across 200+ countries and a dedicated team of compliance experts who monitor and maintain an inventory of applicable laws, we provide an impeccable compliance assurance to our customers. We also assist our customers to define package matrix for screening at different hierarchy levels that comply with local regulations. And of course, Quality and compliance are of paramount importance at Neeyamo. Neeyamo holds certification for ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27001:2013 and SSAE16 Type II. Also, there is a battery of Six sigma black belts who are constantly striving to make improvements in the process so that the benefits can be passed on to our customers.

24x5 Customer Service Support:

The 24x5 coverage of our customer service team is unparalleled; customers can either write to the customer service team or call them anytime during the day for a status check or asking compliance related queries. While the VMS gives real time status of all the orders, we at Neeyamo do understand the importance of human touch and the comfort of talking to someone to make sure there are no surprises.