How We Do | Change Management

Change Management, is most often, undermined to be a mere communication process. When multitudes of changes are engaged in an organization, there will be resistance from various functions due to anxiety, ambiguity and alarm.
Our facilitative and collaborative management approach includes analysis, initial execution, trainings and workshops, verify readiness and post deployment.


During the analysis phase, our team of experts support in identifying the target audience, type of change required, communication to audience, support measures needed, measurement parameters, and developing the change management organizational structure.

Initial Execution

This phase addresses leadership alignment, stakeholder readiness assessment, create initial awareness, communicate with key stakeholders, evaluate organization readiness, identify and cultivate change management leaders or agents.

Trainings and Workshops

Multiple training and workshop sessions are organized that support it action on stakeholder feedback, develop communication strategy, enhance skill sets, update documents, communicate role alignments and continue the change momentum by means of workshops and events.

Verify Readiness

Cross check readiness with respective stakeholders, change management checklist items completed, coordinate availability of support resources for handling issues and deliver final communication through multiple channels.

Post Deployment

Effectiveness of change is measured during this phase, with multiple evaluations and preparing the residual organization for its new roles.