Background Verification | Components

Neeyamo’s approach to Employee Background Verification is centred on the 4-I’s concept i.e. Initiation, Investigation, Inspection and Information. Our streamlined and robust verification process framework with dedicated teams ensures accuracy, integrity, and efficiency is derived through this approach.

Initiation Phase

Necessary documents provided by the applicant are collected from the client. The team cross verifies on information provide, in the case of insufficiencies, the client is notified. Multiple channels are made available for initiation – the preferred one being Neeyamo’s Global iBGV Portal.
For clients where integrated solutions are deployed, Rephrase. Initiation responsibilities are totally managed by the Neeyamo’s resident teams.

Investigation Phase

Based on the request raised by the client, the investigation team performs applicant background screening. The details on the applicant are collated either as written or verbal or physically verified updates and recorded in the system.
Vast pool of qualified verifiers, local runners and investigation specialists is deployed to carry out the requisite screening process.

Inspection Phase

Process adherence and compliance is done during the inspection phase. Periodic and timely reviews are performed to find any deviation with respect to the laid down and set process procedures.
Apart from built in controls available in the system and the processes defined, we have large number of random checks and controls to ascertain the accuracy and integrity of the checks performed.

Information Phase

Detailed and colour coded reports are generated based on the investigation carried out and provided to the client.
Apart from providing a well-designed “easy to view” reports, depending on the customized (or off-the-shelf) packages selected, most of our reports provide sources of proof along with verification status. Reports are classified as either Major Discrepancies, Minor Discrepancies, Unable to Verify, or Verified/ Clear reports. Review/ Interim reports are also provided to facilitate enhanced compliance.