HR Analytics | Overview 

With a rise in demand for an increasing return on investment, CHROs today are focusing on displaying the contribution and the impact their function has on business. Though the extensive use of technology has assisted organisation to present information, their inability to convert data into meaningful insight and integrate their workforce data to business data has them losing their competitive edge.

HR analytics not only involves articulating the talent data but also, correlates the data with business to find and bridge gap between the two. When applied properly, HR analytics help build workforce strategies and better organisation performance. It is important to have the adequate information consolidated in one system in an accurate and consistent manner.

Starting from understanding current challenge to unifying the diverse data points to creating predictive reports, Neeyamo’s HR Analytics solution covers it all. Combining various internal data like workforce , compensation or performance data with reasons of exit, or collation of employee feedback provides a blended answer to questions like; how does HR contribute to overall development of the organisation, or are the employees in an organisation fully engaged or which compensation plan drive higher retention rates, etc. Our solution attacks the problem in a top-down approach, leaving no stones unturned to provide the best solutions.