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Process Documentation

Effective process documentation not only provides evidence for a good business practice but is crucial to many aspects of process including training, design and development. Our proprietary NeoDoc Methodology assists in effective process delivery and facilitates improvement.


As part of our documentation methodology, we use 3 Layer “Matryoshika Doll” model for process documentation. The model is based on three vital questions,
                    ♦How is the process actually done?
                    ♦How is the process managed?
                    ♦How do we ensure process sustenance?

Answering “how the process is actually done”, build forming the innermost layer acting as the core of the process with detailed process instructions, maps, which form the building block for the process.Manage, forming the next layer, provides solution to “how is the process managed”. It provides support in terms of defining SLA, Turn Around Time (TAT), accuracy level required in the process and so on. It also includes the responsibility matrix that states who is responsible for which process.

“How we ensure process sustenance” is explained in the outermost layer – Sustain. This layer explains what needs to be done to ensure sustenance, by dealing with training requirements, job description and roles.