HR Consulting | Process Re-Engineering

A static process in a dynamic business environment is a challenge most HR organizations battle daily . Our process re-engineering solution is our response to this challenge of yours.We understand that effective transformation takes place only when there is a cross-functional understanding of HR dependencies and its correlation with the desired business outcome. Our process re-engineering solutions also help you drive your process consolidation and standardization agenda.

We adopt a five step approach to process re-engineering and deployment


When the outcome from your processes is not the one you desired, it’s time to RE-think them. Our process consultants adopt collaborative approach gain the right understanding of your business objectives, your need, prevalent gaps and requirements. The outcome of this step is your Re-engineering Charter.


We then examine to create appropriate activity models, process frameworks, and validate possible To-Be processes. The outcome of this step is your Process Blueprint.


We support your task force in implementation of the To-Be processes. This ensures that our recommendations are practical in real sense as we share the accountability of the outcome.


The biggest challenge in any HR process re-engineering is in the successful transition to the new environment. We help you make this transition by infusing best-practices in process transition and change management.


Our consulting service comes with extended consulting support. It intends to help you stabilize the implementation of your re-engineering efforts and incorporate those delta refinements. We understand that when it comes to HR; the process outcomes cannot be fully predicted at the time of design and will need fine-tuning as the process matures.