HR Consulting | Shared Services

HR Shared Services, though not a new concept, remains a key focus for many global organizations that has the scale and need to optimize their HR. In your quest for establishing shared services, we help you through the entire cycle right from business case generation to strategy execution.  

Shared Service Setup

Our shared services consulting helps you devise the right shared services strategy which includes the objective assessment of its feasibility, cost and risks of three critical components – shared services setup and management, shared services operations, and shared services technology and infrastructure. 

Shared Service Setup Services

In addition to our shared services consulting, we also help you set up your shared services center leveraging our global delivery model. The key decision elements that influence the shared service setup are “ownership” and “location”. Neeyamo’s experience and expertise across all the relevant aspects assists you to take the right decision in realizing shared services to its optimum potential. This also comes with flexible contractual models including Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT), and Build-Own-Operate-Transfer (BOOT). 

Technology Consolidation Blueprint

Larger organizations have their own HR technology systems, consolidation of which becomes essential during any M&A. Our technology consolidation services not only help you bring down the costs associated with your technology landscape but also help you optimize it and provide you 360 degree view of your new HR organization.