How We Do | HR Service Delivery Model

Our model focuses on taking the load off from the front office and migrate it to the back office reliving significant time and bandwidth to our clients. Our analogy HR Services Delivery Model adopts an approach that separates the kitchen from the dining area. This proactive approach ensures improved service and superior employee experience.

3-tier HR Services Delivery Model

Our 3-tier HR services delivery model is set up to address client requirements with on-site touch points and off-site team.

Local Delivery Sites

Generally located in the country/ location where our client is located. Typically, we optimize the use of front office for Level 1 Ticket management, triaging and account management. Based on the engagement (size and complexity), it might even be “at-site” for the client.

Regional Delivery Hubs

Typically, this office will be located within the geographic region, to service either country front offices or offices within a region. This is set up to handle Level 2 and 3 tickets and address any other regional language specific requirements.

Global Delivery Centers

These will be the base for all of the back-office processes. Employee data management, payroll batch runs, first level resume short-listing, report generation are some examples of processes delivered from here. While application instances may be hosted in specific countries to comply with local legal regulation, IT engineers from the global back office will maintain all instances from back end.