Multi-Process HRO | Overview 

HRO is more of a "when" question, because companies want to focus on building businesses and not HR capabilities. And for Neeyamo, HR(O) is our business!

When talent is your key competitive edge, nurturing your talent would be your prime focus. But many a times, you are constrained by the pace of technology adoption in HR and get drowned in the myriad of paper work and administrative or non-strategic burdens. Neeyamo’s multi-process HR outsourcing solution is aimed to liberate you from your operational constraints. Despite the complexity, when done right, HRO brings benefits that are hard to ignore.

We have made significant investments to derive deep-rooted expertise across processes – whether recruitment, background verification, onboarding, payroll, benefits, helpdesk or separation – which are all incidentally independent lines of business at Neeyamo. Our Multi-process HRO service offering brings together best practices drawn from these multiple center-of-excellences. We have built a unique delivery model for our HR service offerings, by leveraging partnerships with world-class platforms.
We commit cost efficiency, accelerated performance, and superior results.