Recruitment | Neeyamo Edge

End-to-end process optimization

We are process experts.
Neeyamo will support process optimization, standardization, and ensure increased efficiency, as well as consistency of the recruitment process. Industry’s best practices and effective client collaboration, seamless delivery and adherence to SLAs are assured.

Multi-tiered delivery model

We have fine-tuned the working of hub-and-spoke recruitment delivery model with local/ resident and remote/ non-resident delivery teams working in perfect harmony.
This ensures quality and speed of hire, improved candidate experience and better hiring manager satisfaction. The local hub at zonal HQ will be used for recruitment administration like interview co-ordination, offer coordination while backend team will generally be involved in sourcing, pre-screening, interview scheduling, and proactively connecting with the candidate to keep them engaged.

Competent recruiters

Well-experienced and professional sourcing and recruiting team ensure quality along with the speed of hire.

Progressive Approach

Our professionals are encouraged to be innovative in scouting and identifying potential candidates through multi-channel sourcing and leveraging cutting edge developments in social media searches and competitive profiling techniques.

The technology advantage

Either, you have an existing technology that is underutilized, or you don’t have an existing technology and you need one.
Our partnerships with leading product vendors, be it major HRIS/ ERPs, best-of-breed point solutions, or niche products, enables you to have best of both the worlds – a platform that is best suited for your needs and a platform that is best suited for your appetite.