Background Verification | Neeyamo Edge 

Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance draws practices that are either enforced or inspired by ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 quality framework, Federal Fair Credit Reporting, Safe Harbour, and NAPBS guidelines. Our results are always cross-verified by our compliance team for accuracy in order to provide accurate applicant information.

Verification Efficiency

Our process efficiencies are derived through not just skilled verifying resource pool and well spread on-the-ground presence but also through institutionalized continuous improvements and performance benchmarking.
Extended shifts provide extended coverage. Furthermore, multi-time zone support facilitates quicker turnaround of the checks performed.

Home-grown Technology

Our Verification Management System (VMS) is a completely integrated system managing initiation-to-information with multi-user access controlled web-based technology with both client and applicant interfaces. The system provides user friendly functionalities such as rapid order creation, order status views, report views, etc.
In addition to being configurable, it is home grown and therefore customizable to suit your needs. This advanced technology provides the reliability and scalability needed to handle large volumes of requests.

Operational Flexibility

When hiring decision hinges on the availability of ready-to-act report, we know that rigid processes can impact our client’s business agility. Our verification solutions are tailored to address our customer’s business needs and reflect our partnership driven approach.
Providing accelerated turnarounds, provision of interim-reports, real-time online reporting, etc. are few levers we leverage to provide incorporate operational flexibility.