Payroll | Neeyamo Edge 

Tailored and flexible solutions

Payroll is seemingly commoditized and yet cannot be delivered as boxed solution. Our solutions including platform and processes are specifically tailored to individual customer environment. We neither prescribe nor practice the one-size-fits-all approach.

Domain specialists

For a largely transactional domain, we have a talent pool that supplements our delivery infrastructure that is both professionally qualified and certified.

The global advantage

Payroll is an omnipresent service as every employee irrespective of where they are needs to be paid. Our global HRO services cover all continents and an ever-growing list of countries. Our knowledge of the local requirements and cultural nuances as well as wide-spread network gives us an a truely global edge.

Integrated and end-to-end solutions

As a holistic HRO services provider, our solutions are synergistically harmonized with other HR processes. Even where the scope of the processes is restricted to just payroll, we ensure that the inter-dependencies amongst processes are carefully studied and the solution seamlessly harmonized.

The technology advantage

Whether it is our home grown application that helps collect, collate, consolidate, validate and reconcile payroll inputs, a highly configurable global payroll platform or access to the best-of-breed technology platforms and ERPs/HRIS, we have technology options that are tailored to your need.