Learning Management | Neeyamo Edge 

Improved training delivery

Combination of technology options tailored to client’s need and appetite, well-documented processes based on best practices garnered by Neeyamo over multiple engagements combined with committed adherence to service levels results in overall improvement in delivery of training.

Training effectiveness

Well administered measurement and analysis mechanisms ensure the availability of training insights that helps improve effectiveness of training interventions. This helps understand the impact of learning on the business.

Return on learning investments

Neeyamo’s global delivery model ensures that our clients’ training programs are administered leveraging on-shore as well as off-shore delivery infrastructure. This allows for improved manoeuvrability in enforcing learning interventions by virtue of well extended support at competitive price points.

Customized solutions

Learning requirements vary from one client to another. Our solutions are tailored made to suit our client specific requirements without any compromise on process followed or quality.