Performance Management | Neeyamo Edge 

Streamlined Process and Excellence

With Neeyamo taking care of your performance management process, you have the best expertise handling critical process administration parameters and quality attributes guaranteeing smooth process delivery and process excellence.

Freedom from Process Administration

Our services are designed to off load administrative and transactional activities related to performance management thereby enabling you to focus on more performance goal oriented and business centric needs.

Optimized Technology and Automation

Our clients make the best of us through our technology solutions promoting innovation and collaboration tools with quicker implementation and cost-effective capabilities to streamline your performance management processes. And if you already have a performance management technology system that does not call for any tweaking, our discreet apps help you automate non-technology enabled processes.

Improved Employee Experience

A faster turnaround of the performance cycle, a constantly monitored process, timely reminders and follow-ups, an adhered schedule, better interfaces, and accurate communication, results, reports – all translates to an improved employee experience.