Employee Records Management | Neeyamo Edge

Eliminate Paperwork

Significant loss in terms of time and effort has been visible due to lack of timely information processing as a result of mountain load of paperwork. With our well-structured records maintenance and management options we provide accessibility and accuracy of information at ease to our clients. With readymade connectors to leading HRIS platforms integration is simple and straightforward.

Increase Integrity and Availability of Records

Regardless of the type of record, physical or digitised, or backed up data, our solution which includes our people, process, and technology package ensures increased integrity and availability. This is guaranteed by virtue of our quality checks, tracking, monitoring, reporting mechanism and other solution components.

Remain Compliant

Our services and solutions are compliance driven, observe local statutory requirements and are custom-made to client specific requirements. Neeyamo’s strict security protocols ensure data security, data integrity and controlled user access and risk management.

Infuse scalability and agility

Our delivery model ensures that your records management service levels are not compromised as a result of the seasonal peak in requirements in document management nor are your resources sub-optimally utilized during troughs. Managing employee records at predictable, cost-efficient and within SLA is Neeyamo’s responsibility

Experience the domain and technology edge

Neeyamo’s strength lies in its domain knowledge. We know that the management of personnel documents is not simply managing any other document. This combined with our home-grown configurable, customizable, and integration friendly ERM platform, gives you the “edge”.