Employee Helpdesk | Neeyamo Edge

Empowered Support Desk

Our service desks are empowered to provide resolutions to employee queries by making available, multiple tools including well-documented ready reckoners, 3600 views, comprehensive case histories and extensive trainings with feedback loop mechanisms. A combination of tools, technology, and training helps empower our support professionals. This ensures reduced time to respond and reduced time to resolve.

Predictive, Pre-emptive, and Pro-active Support

Analysis and intelligence is shared with you on an institutionalized basis. Based on the intelligence gathered on inquiry trends and seasonal fluctuations, Neeyamo delivers support through an effective feedback loop mechanism.

Extended Support Window

Our global delivery model provides you with round the clock (24X7) support as required.

Flexi Staffing

Peak staffing complementing peak query seasons ensures seamless service delivery in an efficient manner. We will staff the helpdesk complementing your fluctuating business needs – be it an added support required during your annual enrolment season or in support of your change management initiative.