Separation Management | Neeyamo Edge 

Superior Employee Experience

While first impressions last long, last impressions are equally impactful. Our service delivery excellence preserves the good will earned by the company over the tenure of the employee with the company and is not compromised during separation.

Operational Efficiency

The clock starts ticking the day your employee resigns. Place the administrative burden on our side while you and the separating employee focus on areas that are most relevant to the business such as knowledge transfer and uninterrupted and business execution.

Seamless Separation Management

The separation process involves coordination with multiple stakeholders, parties and many times multiple systems as well. A well-oiled process and platform that we bring to the table delivers seamless execution of the process.

Improved Process Compliance

Compliance is ingrained in the design of our system and processes. With proactive alerts, in-built controls and real-time visibility, we ensure process compliance is followed to the dot.