Multi-Process HRO | The Neeyamo Edge

Domain Expertise

Our HRO service offering is backed by our individual Centers of Excellence in all key HR domains. These ensure that we have deep domain knowledge, repository of best practices, and well equipped team to deliver these services par excellence.

Improved Efficiencies

Optimization, harmonization and standardization are foundational principles of our HRO service delivery architecture. We are geared to deliver superior customer experience, leveraging our process consulting capabilities, we ensure that our services are optimized across technologies, harmonized across processes, and standardized across locations.

Flexible Process Solutions

At Neeyamo, we neither prescribe nor practice one-size-fits-all approach. Our solutions, both platform and processes, are tailored to your requirements and are region specific keeping in mind the local requirements.

Flexible Technology Solutions

Our partnerships with best-of-breed technology solution providers and our portfolio of proprietary discrete apps give us an ability to provide you with technology options that is “right” for you and your appetite. Furthermore, these partnerships with many of the leading HRIS/ ERP and point-solution enable us to provide you with flexible pricing options such as BPO pricing and pay-as-you-go models.

Global Scalable Solution

Our services are delivered using multi-tiered delivery models strongly leveraging our established HRO capabilities in our global delivery centers. This ensures we are able to provide extended coverage and improved overall value proposition.