Enterprise HR System | Neeyamo Edge

Functional Expertise

Compensation, benefits, or workforce administration; labour laws, statutory nuances or local requirements; cultural differences, HR policies, or practices; functional understanding can never be undermined. Neeyamo with deep domain expertise across pre-hire to post-retire cycle and HR service delivery experience across six continents brings in the functional expertise that is but required to ensure the business success of an enterprise HR solution.

Faster Time to Market

Our service delivery accelerators and knowledge repositories ensure a faster time to market in deploying enterprise HR solutions. Accelerators and repositories are the best examples of our successful delivery of various projects and deep understanding of HR technology landscape. The speed our delivery is tied to sustainable and measurable business outcome.

Data Governance and Information Security

When leveraging HR data and information, providing security, protecting privacy, and supporting compliance is paramount. Our processes are ISO 27001 certified and practices are benchmarked against multiple global standards predominantly to ensure compliance to security and privacy requirements in North America, UK and Western Europe.

Agile Business Models

Our partnerships with leading product providers enable us to extend flexible pricing models. This means you have predictable and variable pricing options and at the same time, you are not compelled to make upfront capital investments.