Onboarding | Neeyamo Edge

Onboarding efficiency

We help increase the onboarding efficiency by leveraging best practices drawn from multiple client engagements. Significant amount of manual work, form filling is reduced. Our onboarding system with remote delivery support is constantly enables reduced onboarding time and effort.

Integrated services

Our onboarding services dove-tails into allied services such as recruitment and background verification. This means that our ability to influence recruitment service parameter such as offer-to-join ratio or BGV service parameter such as Report Turnaround Time can be significantly improved by virtue of this integrated approach.

Multiple technology options

Neeyamo leverages industry leading technology solutions as a service delivery platform. We also have optionally a proprietary onboarding system that can be non-invasively integrated with various HRIS and ERPs. Our deployment imbibes best practices, tailored to varying client requirements and it continues to evolve incorporating innovation and process control.

Candidate delight

The “delight” factor is why most of our clients trust us to manage their onboarding process. Our onboarding solution is centred on candidate/ employee delight. The “delight” is offered through process efficiency, well-trained personnel, extended remote support, and Neeyamo’s plain obsession with candidate/ employee delight!