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Socializing is increasingly becoming one of the top priorities for organizations looking to shift from traditional onboarding to a strategic approach. Our onboarding solution is designed to service a new hire engagement that helps you not only outsource the administrative elements associated with the exercise but also add strategic value to the candidate/ employee experience.

Orientation Phase

The orientation phase starts right from the time the recruitment team notifies the onboarding team of acceptance of the offer by the candidate to the day the candidate reports to work. This is the phase when there is an element of “unknown” between the candidate and the organization. Effective engagement during this stage not only helps bridge that gap, but also ensures right brand perception by the candidate, ensures effective candidate engagement and improve overall candidate experience.

More importantly, it allows us to complete administrative onboarding activities such as form-filling, BGV initiation, and information sharing before the candidate’s day of joining. Pre-joining candidate engagement also helps in identifying early-warning-signals from the candidate and thereby impacting the offer-to-join ratio.
Combination of onboarding self-service and specialist remote onboarding teams will ensure the candidate is well-equipped to face the job and the company.

Aboard Phase

Our services include welcoming the new employee on-board, taking care of joint hygiene and acclimating the new hire to the organization.
The core objective is on reducing time for administrative onboarding activities (for example we provide pre-filled onboarding forms) and investing more on superior employee experience. Neeyamo’s “service delivery expressway” based approach means that the candidate onboarding experience is seamless with effective cross-functional collaborations and well-defined accountabilities.

Integration Phase

Onboarding stays with a newly acquired employee through most of the first year of his employment thereby making it imperative to effectively engage and help the newly hire culturally fit in the organisation. The integration phase is about creating an on-going connection that counts. It includes providing constant support to the new hire in the form of consistent and timely information, structured job-specific and compliance training and, conduct periodic employee survey to gain better insight.