What We Do  | Pay and Reward

Neeyamo’s Pay and Reward Services Suite is crafted to meet payroll or benefit administration and its complex challenges. Having an efficient and compliant systems and processes in place saves time along with cost investments. Neeyamo brings a fully managed set of services which are efficient, automated and compliant, addressing requirements to ensure accuracy and on time delivery.


Neeyamo provides world class payroll services with multi-country expertise enabling our clients to focus on core business activities. Our cover-to-cover payroll solution is built on key fundamentals, that is, payroll accuracy, on-time delivery, enhanced compliance and proactive support, servicing several clients in multilingual, multicurrency and multiple geographies. Backed with our core and ancillary technology solutions, our clients are assured the best of both the worlds – world class processes on a world class platform.



The right kind of compensation strategy and structure that befits the organization and its employees is indispensable. Benefit packages are viewed as vital element of compensation package. Increasing cost, complexity and technology requirements to manage benefits administration is foremost amongst the growing challenges faced by any global organization.