Discrete HR Apps and Process Automation | Portfolio

Neeyamo’s Discrete Applications Portfolio brings together a set of applications that bridge gaps in HR technology infrastructure and HR process in practice. With high flexibility and non-invasive integration options, we provide Discrete Apps that works in close conjunction with your HR technology and process environment.

Discreet Applications

Our discreet apps portfolio consists of chain of applications developed to address specific gap areas identified in the prevalent technologies and product footprints. All of these tools developed with a common apps framework and consist of common features such as secure multi-user accesses, auto-alerts and reminders, web-based, configurable workflows, customizable interfaces, service oriented architecture and a huge repository of documents and email templates.
Some of the apps in our existing portfolio include -

  • Onboarding Management
  • HR Letter Generation Engine
  • Employee Records Management System
  • Separation Management

Solution Accelerators

Our solution accelerators designed to address process gaps or to drive specific process execution objectives. These accelerators have built-in rules, validation engines, and workflows that drive efficiencies across HR or technology service delivery.
Some of the accelerators in our existing portfolio include -

  • Payroll Inputs Consolidator
  • Process Compliance Enabler
  • Integration Adaptors

Next Generation Initiatives

Neeyamo Labs, as a part of its innovation and various R&D projects, is churning out specific products and frameworks put to use by our service delivery teams in delivering services. These include leveraging developments in Enterprise Mobility and Social Media.