What We Do | Record and Support

Neeyamo’s Record and Support Services Suite caters to vital elements of HR management. We come equipped to establish and take care of HR hygiene efficiently. When it comes to human capital management; paperwork and assistance is inevitable. We help you set the groundwork for efficient delivery of HR services by providing solutions that create a foundational HR service delivery infrastructure. Our services are well equipped to administer to all your HR service delivery facets, improving overall employment experience.

Employee Record Management


Record accuracy, availability, authenticity, maintenance, and privacy are rudimentary while managing employee records. Additionally, adherence to local laws such as FLSA, HIPAA, OSHA, FMLA etc. is necessary to creating a robust employee records management practice and platform.


Employee Helpdesk


Imagine a world where employee queries could be addressed even before they were made; by virtue of predictive, pre-emptive and proactive helpdesk services. No employee would have to wait for more than two rings to have their calls answered by courteous HR professionals. A world where first call resolutions were almost the norm. An HR Helpdesk which uses people, technology and channels to support employees at their time of need, any time of the day!


Exit Management


Employees are principal to any organization. Be it because of better career prospects, retirement, downsizing, redundancy, mergers & acquisitions, or the entrepreneurship bug, there are numerous reasons for employee separation. While sensitivities with the treatment of employee and information are prominent, legal compliances and brand reputation are of equal or higher importance to any organization. The need here is ensuring smooth employee separations, persevering employer brand loyalty and complying with legal requirements.