What We Do  | Retain and Grow

Neeyamo’s Retain and Grow Services Suite is a holistic approach to helping an organization achieve its stated goals by enhancing its employees’ overall development process. Learning and Performance management is intergrated for a demanding skilled mobile global workforce. Need for the right talent and location continues to rise in proportion to the growth of the organization. Our services suit caters to the following crucial areas.

Learning & Development

Organizations today invest on human talent for their competitive advantage. Refreshing and sharpening this talent are increasingly pivotal to the success of the business. Most often it is noticed that organizations lack sufficient time and internal resource commitment to extend learning services to your existing employees or new employees onboard. Equally observed is the time consumed to monitor, track and manage performance.


Performance Management

Every employee aims to be successful at work. It’s not merely success; it’s about playing an integral part towards achieving your organization’s vision. To achieve this every employee needs a clear defined goal, KRA and an objective process for monitoring and evaluation. Hence it is imperative that an effective performance management system is essential for every modern organization.


Global Mobility

While the need for competent, skilled and knowledgeable talent is universal, the availability of such is not. A global and mobile workforce is the answer to this availability gap. Planned or ad-hoc cross-geography assignments for employees in an organization are common. Early contributions towards business are can only be achieved when employees effortlessly integrate into the new environment.