Global Mobility | Solutions

Neeyamo global mobility services are canned to client specific requirements. Our service offerings are packaged in order to facilitate your employees in taking up cross-geography assignments cheerfully.

Global Mobility Services

Neeyamo’s packaged Global Mobility Services take care of your employee’s mobility requirements. With our wide network of service delivery presence and strategic partnerships, we provide pre-assignment readiness services such as travel arrangements, documents processing, information provisioning, and cultural orientation as well as on-assignment service such as expense management, payments management, tax administration, extended assignment management and resignation management.

Vendor Management

The difficulty in global mobility process is not just in the compliance aspects pertaining to global and local requirements, but also in the degree of administrative complexity involved. It calls for managing wide array of vendors responsible for various aspects of the employee’s mobility requirements. Be it leveraging our well-established network in local countries, or your existing vendor base – we take care of governance, service levels, and cost control.

Global Mobility Helpdesk

Our team of experts are sensitive to your employee queries and proactively address this through timely communication, counselling, and support.