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Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Under this outsourcing arrangement, Neeyamo acts as your internal recruitment function undertaking complete accountability for the performance of your recruitment function. Our RPO services offers solutions that covers from recruitment/ sourcing strategies for client-specific positions, proactive resume pipeline building, direct sourcing of candidates, resume management, pre-screening via phone, candidate assessment, interview coordination and scheduling, short-listing and selection of qualified candidates, offer management, performing necessary background checks, and ensuring a smooth candidate joining experience. Our activities are delivered by resident (at your premises) and non-resident (at our premises) recruitment delivery teams.

With Neeyamo’s Recruitment Process Outsourcing services we ensure timely sourcing of candidate profiles, improving time to hire, increasing the quality of candidate pool and, providing comprehensive reports and metrics, reducing cost, enhancing compliance, and substantially delivering superior candidate experience.

Project-Based Recruitment

Neeyamo supports its clients to adapt to rapid growth at ease when setting up a new business unit, or when commencement of a new project. With our project based recruitment solution we support clients to meet the sudden hikes in talent demands as the need arises. Our project-based recruitment teams provide services onsite as well as remotely to deliver candidates quickly and cost effectively. Our recruitment support infrastructure can scale up or down in quick response to your changing business requirements.

Global Recruitment

In a flat and rapidly globalizing economy, opportunity beckons for talent pool that’s available locally to address local business needs or is mobile to address global business needs. Global Recruitment from Neeyamo is a solution that addresses your talent due to talent pools in different geographies or your company’s geographic expansion.

Our proven approach backed with strong technology and team of experts support businesses to meet your recruitment needs on a global scale by leveraging a multi-tiered, multi-lingual, and multi-time zone recruitment solution.

Recruitment Support

Up to 80% of recruiter time is often spent on doing administrative and transactional recruitment activities such as sourcing, pre-screening, interview scheduling, etc. Our recruitment support and shared services solution are geared to take the administrative burden out of your experienced recruiters, allowing them to identify, assess and select the right candidates.

Our unique recruitment support services help enable your executive and technical recruiters to focus on core functional requirements, while we shoulder administrative and coordinating activities dealing with hiring a candidate.