Background Verification | Solutions

Neeyamo provides a wide range of background verification checks. These checks, while have many common objectives and anticipated results, are executed differently in different geographies.

Academic Verification

Professional qualification credentials as produced by the applicant are verified from respective college, institute or university. This confirms that the candidate has not misrepresented any information on their educational qualifications/ academic record.
Verified Information: Duration of course/ Major/ Degree(s)/ Mark sheets / Certification/ Other Academic Credentials

Banned Substances/ Drug Check

Banned substances/ drug checks are performed to reveal if the applicant has consumed any abusive substances. Most common forms of drug test types used are urine, blood and hair.
Test Panels: 5 Panel Test/ 7 Panel Test/ 9 Panel Test/ 12 Panel Test/ Other Customized Packages

Civil Litigation Check

Any offense filed against an applicant that is not criminal in nature is verified.
Verified Information: Civil Litigation Status

Credit Rating Standing

This is report reveals financial stability and credit worthiness of the applicant.
Verified Information:  Liens/ Bankruptcy/ Late Payments/ Other Credit Status

Criminal Checks

Applicant record is screened for a felony or misdemeanour convictions. The scope of these verifications may include county and province-wide, state-wide, or nation-wide checks.
Verified Information:  Criminal Search Report

Drivers Check

Driving history is verified for to reveal any related charges against the applicant.
Verified Information:  Driving License/ NDR Status

Employment Eligibility Verification

Applicant identity and legal right to work are verified.
Verified Information:  I-9 Checks/ Other Similar Checks

Employment Verification

Employment verification is required to check for bogus declarations on previous employment(s) of the applicant.
Verified Information:  Remunerations/ Designation/ Year(s) of Employment/ Reasons for Leaving/ Type of Exit/ Eligibility for Re-hire

Global Watch List and Database Checks

A search run on the global database gathers information from government authorized databases that reveal any adverse records against the applicant.
Verified Information:  Hit/ Clear Search Report

Identity Check

Identity checks are carried out to confirm the applicant’s identity and establish that their identity is genuine.
Verified Information:  SSN trace & validation/ Other Verified Status

Passport Verification

Passport details are validated to verify against any illegal employment of the applicant.
Verified Information: Passport Status/ Visa Eligibility and Status

Professional License Verification

Professional license and certification of the applicant are verified.
Verified Information: Licensing Agency/ License Type/ License Validity

Reference Checks

A professional or personal reference check on the applicant can be carried out.
Verified Information: Relationship Status/ Performance & Feedback

Residence/ Address Check

Verification on applicant’s place of residence – permanent and/ or current. It involves verifying permanent address and also past 3 or 5 or 7 years of residence depending on the requisition made.
Verified information:  Address(es) Verified Status 

Sex Offender Registry

Applicant details are cross verified for cases filed against sexual crimes.
Verified Information:  Offender Report

There are multiple other checks we perform depending on client requirements, geographies and local requirements. Examples of these include Finger Printing, Media Searches, Motor Vehicles Records Check, Terrorists and Narcotic Traffickers Checks (OFAC), OIG Sanctions, etc.