Payroll | Solutions

As experts in providing HRO solutions, Neeyamo’s expertise in servicing payroll value chain spans from inputs collation, inputs preparation, to payroll disbursement, payroll helpdesk, and payroll compliances. Backed by a robust processing framework and technology platform, our payroll solution goes much beyond paying employees accurately and on time.

Payroll Processing Services

Our payroll processing services are geared to convert your payroll data into pay checks. This means that you provide us with collected, collated payroll data and we do the essential data entry, perform supplementary calculations and computations as required, run necessary validations with checks and controls, “process” the payroll, and carry out timely disbursements.

Statutory compliances, supplementary pay runs, and payroll assistance is delivered tailored to local demands. The schedule and frequencies (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, fortnightly or lunar) of these pay runs are driven by individual customer needs. Our solutions however are industry neutral.
With our specialist team taking care of payroll processing that are burdensome especially during payrun seasons; we help alleviate the tedious payroll administrative task load.

Fully Managed Payroll Services

Payroll services are transactional and best managed by specialists in that area. If you want to largely reduce your administrative payroll burden, then our fully managed payroll services is the answer.
Our fully managed payroll covers scope of services that goes over and above our standard payroll processing services. Depending on your need and appetite, the solution value-chain could start as early as our assistance with input collation, consolidation, and validation to managing payroll self service and on-premise payroll helpdesk.
All our solutions are backed by robust technology solutions. These technology solutions are available from a platter that includes on-premise global payroll platform, SaaS based cloud based options, and other best-of-breed payroll technologies including leading ERPs/ HRIS.

Multi-country/ Global Payroll

You need one-stop shop to address your multi-country/ global payroll needs. You need a single point of accountability. You need a global service delivery platform that is cost efficient, is compliant, and assures quality.

Our multi-country/ global payroll is the answer.
A flat-world and a globalizing economy call for a global payroll solution. Our proprietary and highly configurable platform has country specific localizations and tax engines that address requirements across multiple countries across continents. Our wide spread and time tested network of partnerships supplements our capabilities to address payroll requirements in other countries.

Our several engagements have proved efficient with our team providing 24x7 support, multi-zonal reach and multi-lingual capability. Leveraging our multi-user, multi-currency and multi-lingual web-based technology platform ensures that your payroll requirements are met on time. Our secured access and data controlled technology solution is designed to meet country specific calculations and pay components addressing global payroll needs keeping compliance.

Time and Attendance Management

Our time and attendance solution is fully integrated with our payroll solution. The solution is complemented by our partnerships with best-of-breed point-solution technology providers in addition to natively providing the module in our payroll platform.
Apart from reducing burden of collating time and attendance data, since the solution is integrated with our payroll solution, the integrity and accuracy of the data as well as application of computation rules seamlessly.