Performance Management | Solutions

Neeyamo’s performance management services wires client specific requirements through strategic, tactical, technological and operational levels of the organization. Our services are designed to increase individual vs. organization alignment, reduce communicational gaps across multiple levels and ensure smooth implementation of performance management process across our client’s organization.

End-to-End Performance Management Support

Our end-to-end performance management support services are designed to meet client specific requirements. We support our clients right from competency definition, identifying key performance indicators, scheduling for performance appraisal meetings, design and selection of measurement tools – 180, 360 or 540 performance appraisal models, effective feedback mechanisms, monitoring, reporting and analysis and career development.
Our administrative services helps you focus on the core performance appraisal process while we take care of your administrative burden of executing the appraisal process.

Performance Management System

The health of any organization depends largely on understanding your employee performance and decision made based on it. With Neeyamo’s technology solutions we empower your decision making ability ultimately helping you to perform competitive and predictive analysis on your employees as well as related organizational development impact.
Combine our access to best-of-breed as well as new age performance management systems and solutions with our pool of domain consultations, and you have a partner who can design and deploy a performance management system that is not only tailored to your current needs but is also future ready.

Analytics and Intelligence

Performance management outsourcing is a natural evolution in providing high-impact analytics and data management, as well as an effective means of achieving more in a shorter time, leading to cost savings. Neeyamo’s Business Reporting and Dashboard Creation services help you not only monitor the progress of the appraisal process but also gather real actionable intelligence.

Post-appraisal Support & Automation

Appraisal process does not end with performance review. We support your post-appraisal data collation process and also the communication of performance feedback including distribution of revision letters. Our proprietary tool enables tracking and distribution of these letters in a secure and efficient manner while our team helps you ensure the integrity of data being supplied. Essentially what could have earlier taken days can now be done in a matter of hours!