Employee Records Management | Solutions

Regardless of the size or nature of your business, we bring to you a solution that can address any challenge regarding employee records management. Our services adhere to stringent protocols corresponding to our clients’ internal policies and regulatory compliances.

Digitization Services

Our services include preparing & confirming, scanning & imaging, indexing & tagging, and archiving & retrieving of your employee records. We provide electronic conversion of various joiners and leavers’ records, benefits and payroll documents, agent code paper work and other documents that are in available formats such as .gif, .jpeg, .tif, .doc, .txt, .pdf etc. Our services are complemented by multiple technology options that include our home grown platform or your own document management system, should you have already invested in one.

Retention and Disposition

Retaining the documents for the correct period of time and disposing of it in a consistent manner decreases corporate risk and serves as an evidence of good organisation practice. Our services include designing a retention schedule, keeping in mind the criticality of the information to the organisation and that complies with the local laws. It also includes documenting coherent record disposition that covers both active and inactive records. Our secured shredding service help protect leakage of vital information.

Archiving Solutions

HR personnel worldwide spend 60% of their time on administrative activities. Furthermore, comparable time invested in management of the physical/ hard copies of the employee records including store constraints. Our repository management includes storing and archiving employee records providing our highly secured facilities.

Records Lifecycle Management

Neeyamo’s workflow management periodically helps monitor and update employee records allowing organisations to keep pace with a fast moving work environment. Our records lifecycle management services cover your entire document lifecycle management beginning with personnel file creation to its disposition. Our advanced reporting and tracking mechanism help identify and track missing documents saving our client from compliance concerns.