Employee Helpdesk | Solutions

Our HR helpdesk solution that covers requisition to resolution cycle is powered by robust technology, infrastructure, expert HR professionals, well-defined processes, and a multi-tiered global delivery model. Our service levels are centred around employee satisfaction and not just on productivity. Our helpdesks professionals are trained to take ownership of the employee issues and works towards resolutions and not just response.

Process Support

Our HR Helpdesk incorporates a built-in mechanism for comprehensive ticketing, triaging and routing employee queries. Neeyamo ensures consistency in service level across all interaction channels by providing trouble-shooting assistance across regions and process queues such as payroll, benefits, and others. Our services are rendered on your resident platform or our best-of-breed technology solution options.

Technical Support

Close to 70% of employee queries landing in technology helpdesk are Level 1 queries that can be easily resolved and does not actually call for expert intervention. Our Technology Helpdesk support provides employees with Level I support across your HR technology ecosystem. Well-defined support protocols and escalation mechanisms are provided to ensure queries are effectively and efficiently logged and tracked to closure.

Multi-country Support

Our services offer well-designed multi-tiered delivery framework that supports multi-lingual and global HR support needs. We follow hub-and-spoke model for servicing large scale requirements by leveraging regional and global support centers.