Separation Management | Solutions


Our separation management solution is geared to address all types of separation, be it voluntary or involuntary.

Separation Cycle Management

Employees in separation mode generally rush the last day processes very often bypassing critical separation requirements. Our separation cycle management services administers employee end-to-end exit administration process including stakeholder communications, final settlement, address employee queries, separation pulse surveys, record management, separation analysis and reporting.

Exit Interviews

Having a neutral party do the exit interview brings to limelight the underlying truth behind the employees exit. Neeyamo’s Exit Interview Services supports you in making strategic decision based on these inferences and insights. This includes identifying objectives, designing questionnaire, interview scheduling and conducting, feedback capturing, and analysis.

Corporate Alumni Network Management

A company’s alumni, in addition to being its most powerful brand ambassadors, are also its potent source of business and (re)hiring needs. Our services help you develop your alumni network, engage them effectively leveraging media such as newsletters, social media and various other communication channels. This in turn is effectively supported by current day technology platforms and partnerships.

Outplacement Services

Leveraging talent transition technology, our skilled HR professionals and process, helps assist the most pressing need of terminated employees - finding a new job. We help displaced employees with job search assistance that helps to build trust and confidence in current employees. We also assist employers with planning, implementation & post-layoff actions. Our services helps reduce overall risks associated with RIFs & termination.

Separation Management System- Adios

Our home-grown technology facilitates seamless execution of your separation process with improved process visibility and compliance. Our non-invasive tool compliments your existing HR technology and/or process infrastructure. This tool is highly configurable and incorporates flexible workflow management capabilities, multi-user interfaces, proactive alerts, integrated process tracking, pre-configured process checklists, print ready document formats and advanced reporting.