HR Analytics | Solutions 

Our HR Analytics Service provides personalized, timely and accurate metrics to deliver robust HR information. Combining profound domain expertise, technology experience and analytical practice, we provide sophisticated yet simple to understand solutions to integrate your HR and business strategies.

Consulting Services

Our consulting services’ primary focus is to help you build strong expertise in HR analytics. With our comprehensive suite of consulting services, we aim at providing assistance right from assessing to performance monitoring to fine-tuning of HR data analytics. Understanding your current data systems provides detail information on the critical data spread. Our suite of services also involves in-depth evaluation of different tools and recommending the best possible solution keeping in mind your business goals and cost constraints.

Data Warehousing

Fragmented data, limited coverage, poor visibility, wasted effort and time are pressures hovering over organizations with decentralized HR data. With data stored in multiple transaction processing systems, performing accurate analytics is tedious.
Neeyamo’s data warehousing solution is the perfect answer to fragmented data/ systems. Leveraging our technology expertise, we support integration of dispersed data to a central database serving as a single source-of-truth. Our services cover data modelling, cleansing and extraction, transform and load, meta-data management and warehouse migration or convergence.

Reporting Factory

It is not enough to detect the problem, but to be able to answer why, what and how that can have a forcible impact. An informative report is the answer to all the questions pertaining to the workforce, its requirements, and cost it bears. We are a report-producing factory that takes organizational data into account to generate precise reports and have expertise in varied Business Intelligence tools like Cognos, SAP BI, Microsoft, etc.
What distinguishes us is our capability to mine information from your HR system and consolidate it to provide the required information, in a standard format to generate business critical reports. Our reporting factory consists of both functional and technical capabilities that address your reporting needs. Our reporting factory support is available in flexible engagement models.

Process Analytics

Integration of multiple groups, processes, and systems require generation of multiple reports. Relating different functions in the organisation help you answer questions like what is your revenue per employee or what is the ROI of daily HR activities, etc. requires process specific reporting. Combination of our deep domain expertise in HR processes and analytics helps you derive insight and foresight in each of your HR functions. Process Analytics help you understand elements such as,

  • What is the impact of attrition on recruitment cost (for Recruitment process analytics)
  • What is the % increase in employee performance as a result of every 1% increase in pay (for Compensation analytics)