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IN Conversation with Gayathri Devi: Workday – A complete suite enabling HR transformation


In your experience, what are the three best features that make Workday different from most other HRIS platform in the market? Workday’s most exciting experience is that – it is so very easy to use.  The user interface is intuitive and one can easily navigate to what they are looking for. Every worker in an […]

Neeyamo Driving Innovation to Bridge the Gap Between Global & Local Payroll

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Authored by Pete Tiliakos, Principal Analyst at NelsonHall As globalization of the workforce continues its evolution, HR leaders today face the challenge of managing a more diverse, dispersed, and technology savvy human capital environment than ever before. Thus, acquiring, integrating, managing, and paying a borderless workforce is a major challenge for many multinational organizations today, driving the need to […]

HR Technology Support Services – Top 5 Trends

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To a layman observer, HR is just about “managing the organization’s Human Resources” while being oblivious to the other various facets involved in any modern HR function. It’s only upon having a closer look at the operational aspects of HR that one realizes the actual impact HR can potentially have in today’s world of business. […]

IN Conversation with Shakil Gour: How to handle compliance while performing Background checks globally?

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Which region/ service in your experience has the most complex Employee Screening compliance laws? Based on my experience in the global verification practice, EU has the most complex landscape with its stringent data security and privacy laws. The most recent and complex regulation is the GDPR compliance established in the EU data security landscape making […]

IN Conversation with Mary Holland: Women in Global Payroll

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Mary Holland is the Global Director of Strategy, Development, and Training at the Global Payroll Management Institute. She was conferred with “The Payroll Woman of the Year” award by the American Payroll Association in 2016. Mary is a certified payroll professional and holds in-depth knowledge about global payroll. From being a global payroll practitioner, to training and equipping others in the […]

Global Payroll: Every successful engagement has a silver lining

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EY’s Global Payroll Survey brought out that, 55% of executives were unsure of the existence of a global payroll vendor that could provide payroll services in all their countries of operation. The market wants a solution that is not only cost-efficient, flexible, and scalable but also makes no compromises on the quality and accuracy. Ironically, […]

Impact of Robotics in delivering HR Services

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1.What is your take about robotics automation in the HR industry? In any industry, repeated and manual tasks are good candidates for automation with bots. HR industry is no different and it has a huge potential for robotic automation. The HR spectrum ranges from pre-on boarding to post–exit operations and currently there are several mundane […]

People are not your most important asset. The right people are

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by Shivani Dhar  It doesn’t matter what business you are in, as a business owner or manager, you know that separating the wheat from the chaff is always the most important task. One of the smartest make or break business decisions you should make to hire genuine people – Bringing the right people on board could save you […]

IN Conversation with Priyankan: Emerging Trends in Centralisation of Global Payroll

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Reprinted from Global Payroll-March 2017: The official magazine of Global Payroll Management Institute What emerging trends or significant issues have your attention in global payroll? Pri: The most significant trend in recent years is that organizations are starting to move toward a centralized or standardized model for managing global payroll, as it has proven to […]

IN Conversation with Tim Musson: Information and Data Security Imperatives in managing HR Data

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All businesses are required to comply with data protection legislation. Many organizations are not sure how to do this. Others simply choose to ignore and remain unaware of the consequences of doing so. IN Team from Neeyamo caught up with Tim Musson at the CIPP Annual Conference in late 2016 at Wales where he held a […]

What an Integrated Approach to Performance Review, Training and Development looks like

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Modern work environment requires skilled employees to perform complex tasks in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Hence, it goes without saying that employee training and development should be a critical aspect of any organization’s business strategy that can very well decide its course in the future. Globally, several organizations are focusing on providing their employees […]

What’s Brewing in the Learning and Development Space?

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by Rahul Sinha, 17 Nov, 2016 “One of the principles of the future employee will be shifting from being a “knowledge worker” to being a “learning worker” – Jacob Morgan, “The Future of Work.” Learning in the workplace is a constantly evolving space. Today, every organization aspires to be a “Learning” organization giving significant emphasis on “self-learning”. […]