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Going Glocal: Why Global is the new Local?

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Your employee population will increase rapidly as you expand your office across the globe. And more employees in many countries means the more administrative burden for your human resource (HR) department. There are multiple facets to the human resource function from hire to retire. It takes tremendous effort and investment to manage your employees when […]

Do you have queries around EU GDPR compliance?

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Do you have workforce in multiple countries including EU? Do you handle lot of personal and sensitive personal information of European citizens / residents? Are you performing background screening in EU countries? If the answer is YES, gear up for the upcoming timeline for enforcement of the New “General Data Protection Regulation” (GDPR). You may […]

The consequences of neglecting background screening

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A stringent selection process puts your candidate to the test, but if you think you know them better after a series of interviews, then think again. Candidates line up for the selection process wearing professional attire and holding a handful of records prepared to impress your HR at the first opportunity. But stats tell us […]