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Emerging technology trends in HR Onboarding: A walk-through

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50 million. How big is this number? 12 years is the time mobile phones took to reach that number of users. 19 days is the time Pokémon GO, the augmented reality-based game app from Niantic took to reach the same number of users. Enterprises are increasingly working towards incorporating new technology! The more modern the […]

7 Cultural Barriers in International Background Screening

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Co-Authored by Praveen Visal  The rate of technological advancement is increasing with time, resulting in an exponential growth in connectivity between people around the globe. While organizations look forward to expanding their geographic horizons, they often fail to comprehend the cultural challenges involved in performing background checks. There is a definite lack in instructions and […]

HCM in the Age of Disruption

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Is reinvention a channel that makes a meaningful impact? Most organizations consider this as a positive approach and redesign their market adoption strategy. With technologies transforming at a rapid pace, transformation across the enterprise is rampant. While a few global organizations are striving to reshape their workplace, workforce and their strategies, the scenario is much […]