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After the PAUSE and the RESET: What to focus post COVID-19?

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An Uninvited Guest. That’s what COVID-19 has been to the whole world, hitting the reset button of a fast-moving global business ecosystem. Enterprises around the world took a short pause, reacted to the turbulence, and have been outmaneuvering the uncertainties. Business imperatives have changed – few trends that were conceived to be critical have moved […]

How Risky is Non-Compliance to your Business?

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Co-authored by Shilpa Shingade A quick fact for you. The average cost for organizations that experience non-compliance problems is $14.82 million, a 45% increase from 2011! In recent years, adhering to the laws and standards, and monitoring the compliance of business processes has evolved as a major concern for business owners. Staying compliant with ever-evolving […]