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Q1 2022 : World News

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1. Hundreds of Baltimore County employees have skipped background checks. County administrative officer Stacy Rodgers agreed that for years the county did not follow best practices in conducting criminal background checks. Rodgers said they are working to fix that. 2. Evolution has no limits. Every year employers introspect into their background screening policies and […]

Applying LEAN Framework to improve the efficiency of international background screening process for operational excellence

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The customer is unwilling to pay for anything other than what he needs. Any waste will add on to the cost and reduce organization’s profit margin. Therefore, to improve profitability, there is a growing need for screening organizations to look at various improvement frameworks such as Six Sigma, TQM, Kaizen, etc. Six Sigma and ISO […]

Background Screening in China: Best practices

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Background screening  is growing in popularity in China, which is one of the world’s fastest developing countries.  Major growth  is driven by manufacturing, agriculture and technology sector in China.  In addition, many players in these sectors have  have put in place stringent background screening policies to ensure workplace safety and quality of hires. This article […]