4 Key Considerations for Choosing Your Right Technical SAP Partner

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After a series of round table discussions, careful cost-benefit analysis, and intelligent shortlisting, you have chosen the SAP platform as the perfect solution to your emerging business requirements. So, your next step could probably be to look for the best fully outsourced technical SAP partner.

Halt for a moment. Do you know that there are 21000+ companies in the market that SAP has globally partnered with? With that many partners existing, it is quite challenging to select the right technical SAP partner who would fit in for your specific needs.

To zero-in on the right technical SAP partner, you need to pay attention to specific attributes and considerations that would help ensure that you are selecting the perfect company that exhibits copious competence in implementing, supporting, and upgrading comprehensive HRIS solutions for global customers. Here are 4 key considerations you need to keep in mind while you are in the lookout for the right SAP partner:

1. Rich expertise in implementing comprehensive HRIS systems

With a committed partner who exhibits a proven record of successful implementation of comprehensive HRIS software and extensive expertise in implementing best practices & methodologies, you have the ball at your feet! Such a partner will successfully design, deploy, and transition organizations to novel HR processes and cloud solutions. You should look for an expert-level technical SAP partner who can help you stay away from ‘only if I had known this earlier, I would have done this better’ kind of situations, from an HR digital transformation perspective.

Furthermore, partners showing high levels of expertise with SuccessFactors implementation can validate if you are getting the maximum out of your SuccessFactors modules. They conduct thorough configuration audits that analyze project management, control mechanisms, practices, and procedures followed. In short, choose a partner who assesses the current health of your implementation, performs independent testing, and takes care of your data migration too.

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2. Dedicated SuccessFactors Center of Excellence

Why would your organization need a dedicated SuccessFactors Center of Excellence (CoE)? Let’s answer this question first. An SF CoE is typically a team of certified professionals providing solutions with technical and strategic HR excellence at its heart to maximize the potential of your SuccessFactors solution. When you select a partner who houses such a dedicated team, you will be able to leverage a wide range of assets and resources they offer to kickstart your vision of HR digitalization and go-live much earlier than it is thought to be.

Neeyamo for example includes a large team of GPHR® and SuccessFactors certified professionals who provide you with ready-to-use HR process blueprints (configured to work on SuccessFactors), live instances and Rapid Deployment Solution (RDS) that would help converge deep domain expertise and agile practices to drive client service excellence.

3. Ability to provide extended support

Partners who comprehend the fact that every organization has unique support requirements are those you might want to shortlist. Your perfect technical SAP partner would offer technical and functional support across all modules, integration support to other applications, build HCP extensions, and increase your SuccessFactors system’s adoption rate with UserFlows.

You need to look for a partner who performs full-scope application troubleshooting, workflow development and enhancements, and other essential support services.

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4. Exclusive Upgrade Advisory and Testing on SF Instance

Now, let’s assume your organization’s HR leaders are in a discussion to upgrade your SuccessFactors solution. In that case, look for a partner who can adequately advise on relevant features introduced in new releases.. For that, the partner should be able to perform a detailed study on Internal Release Review Notes of your SuccessFactors solution and circulate a release readiness report particular to your SuccessFactors instance. Remember: the release readiness report should list out all releases which encompass features that will transform your instance to become more productive and agile.

Secondly, the partner should be able to run specific upgrade testing on your SuccessFactors instance to make sure you are ready for the new release before you deploy it. The partner should house an exclusive expert team who will carry out  extensive testing on select upgrades that need to be implemented. The same team should also build a rollout plan for your live instance.

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When your partner is able to keep you abreast of your SuccessFactors upgrade possibilities, you can experience the advantage of innovative features in the latest releases. You can enhance your SuccessFactors solution to an upgraded environment non-invasively.

Are you in a quest for the right technical SAP partner? Do get in touch with us and our experts will be happy to assist you.

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