4 ways how HR Technology will impact the Future Workplace

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Quick question: Why are WBCs (white blood cells) important?

For the ill-informed, WBCs are your body’s arsenal that ambushes foreign pathogens that enter your body and also protects you from future invasions.

Wait. Does the immune system have anything to do with HR technology?

It would not be exaggerating to call HR technology the figurative immune system of an organization’s HR function. Like the WBCs, technology poses as an infallible shield that will defend and guide us through the aftereffects of the raging pandemic, into what we call the future of the global workplace.

Technology adoption in the HR domain is imperative as it enhances productivity, increases creativity, and improves overall employee engagement. AI-enabled recruiting tools, blockchain technology for database and process management, and remote collaboration platforms are some of the interesting areas that have been attracting investments from multinational organizations.

Here are some instances where HR technology will have a significant impact on shaping the future workplace.

1. Workplace Automation

It is believed that the automation industry has progressed leaps and bounds in the last five years than what was witnessed in the past 50 years. A Tokyo-based ERP system provider AI Works declared that its HCM system is so intuitive that it gets smarter each time as it learns about the information required for decision-making, saving time, and reducing errors. If this is the state of today’s automation, imagine the world of HR a few years down the lane.

With an increased focus on cloud-based HCM, payroll, and management services, several companies had already begun charging towards migration to cloud computing. Now, the pandemic and its immediate consequences have only catalyzed this trend. Training and development is another arena that has turned to gamification and virtual reality to drive effective talent engagement and productivity within organizations.

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2. Recruiter’s Experience

Due to the recent shift to remote working, there has been a significant change from the in-person recruitment process to the virtual interview and hiring process. Fortunately, this change has been underpropped by newer and progressive technologies that have revolutionized a recruiter’s life. Online assessments and virtual interviews of candidates have taken prominence over traditional hiring methods. AI-based HR applications will make recruitment more efficient and enable scouting through hundreds of resumes in a relatively lesser amount of time.

3. Remote Collaboration

While organizations’ entire workforce is scattered across the globe, the concept of collaborative working had been put to the test. Several collaborative project management applications have been developed to enhance remote team productivity through various project tracking features like document sharing, project updates, and facilitate better communication among teams. As a result, collaborative working has been reinforced into the current and future workforce agenda.

4. Employee Wellness

Although technology plays a significant role in shaping the workplace, the main essence of human resources is and will always be the people. A comprehensive wellbeing program should be at the core of a proper employee administration system. There is a continued advancement of wellness tools and applications that facilitate an employer to ensure improved health and mental wellbeing of his employees. Employers leveraging fitness wearable tech to monitor fitness levels of employees, render biofeedback, and retrieve physiological data is becoming a trend, for instance.

While these are some of the areas where we see a growing impact of technology, keep in mind that the corporate world of work is a conundrum of unprecedented changes. Whether the tide may rise or fall, HR professionals should be prepared to surf beyond these challenges. In an attempt to facilitate this, Neeyamo and a cohort of leading industry associations had hosted an impactful Global HR Evolution Summit – Rise Above 2020.

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