The long tail

Long Tail

The quest for the right customer base and market opportunities have largely contributed to organizations exploring opportunities outside of its regional boundaries. The turn of the millennium has seen several organizations both large and small, opening its centers across the globe in order to cater to the need of the market that they operate in. This has resulted in organizations having a skewed distribution of employees – while a large portion of the organization’s employees operates out of their primary headquarters or delivery centers, the remaining employees are dispersed across a “Long-tail” of countries.

It Matters!

The anatomy of Long-Tail is characterized by a catastrophic combination of low employee headcount which at times is as low as in double or single digits scattered across long-tail of countries. This phenomenon is called the Long-Tail HR. Organizations face several challenges when dealing with employees spread across several geographies. The challenges faced by companies in HR processes among their long-tail countries stem from two key factors – lack of economies of scale and lack of knowledge of the nuances in HR processes among long-tail countries. The number of employees is at times so low, that the fixed costs per employee due to local HR services become exorbitantly high. The tail segment can also be so long that it becomes difficult to keep track of the complex HR rules of all those countries. The fallout of these factors is manifested in the form of regulatory and payroll challenges, technology challenges and people challenges.

FORMULATING GLOBAL STRATEGY Formulating global strategy

SPORADIC WORKFORCE Sporadic workforce

INHERENT RISKS! Inherent risks!

HIGH COST! High cost!

Managing Your Long Tail

Companies have experimented with multiple models to tackle issues pertaining to critical HR processes as payroll, benefits, and compliance among Long-tail countries and in managing their fractured technology landscape. However, managing Long-tail HR calls for an altogether different perspective. A proper alignment of technology, people and process is a definite must.

The Neeyamo Edge

Neeyamo has pioneered a solution that makes servicing long-tail the centerpiece of its strategy. It has invested in developing its portfolio of global technology platforms that integrates and works seamlessly with local platforms, irrespective of whether they are owned by Neeyamo, you – the client, or its local partners. These global platforms, developed using proprietary Cloud First, World First © design framework is built ground-up to operate in a global operating environment with multi-lingual support. Neeyamo’s solution is a perfect blend of strategy, technology, and process. The solution focuses on innovation and governance mechanisms to operationalize innovation. With its high focus on the long-tail, it has solution elements aligned to minimize cost inflation while maximizing employee engagement and productivity.


    Long-tail as centerpiece of its strategy


    Technology-driven and innovation led


    Global infrastructure and presence


    Full scope – anywhere, any language coverage