Break free: Go beyond the traditional learning (Part 1)

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by Anita Vinod & Teena Thimothy  on 08 May 2015

Today organizations invest on human talent to gain competitive advantage. Developing and perfecting talent is very pivotal to be successful on the long run. Times have changed and organizations are accepting eLearning with an open mind.

Learning Management Systems are undergoing massive transformations. From Classroom/ Human Mediated Training we have moved to Virtual training, Webinars, Podcasts and such similar methods.

The rapid evolution of the LMS is accelerated by technology advancements opening doors for the inclusion of social learning tools. The question now is, what is Social Learning and how is it transforming the predated learning delivery methods?

The concept for Neeyamo’s Social Learning via Instant Messaging (SLIM) came to serve one of its client’s prerequisites. Organization X, a big player in the finance sector was experiencing difficulty in conducting structured training for their widespread sales force.

Sales team was operating out of remote locations without access to high end technology. Thus, delivering training on a standard LMS was not a suitable option. Further, stringent sales targets and timelines did not allow the sales team to attend scheduled courses. And if at all they attended, the attendance was dismally low.

In addition, to these issues, there was no formal methodology to assess the learning effectiveness and communicate feedback on a timely basis.

An unconventional approach like SLIM can support organizations in achieving business excellence through a blended package of people, process and technology, to address the challenges faced by –

  • Sales teams and other employees functioning in field roles
  • Remote employees who are disconnected from the corporate offices
  • Employee groups who need to be in constant touch in order to share updates and experiences

Stay tuned to learn more about SLIM and how to put it to use at your organization

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