Business has to go on as usual–no matter what!

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Neeyamo_Business Continuity Plan

As the entire world is being shaken by the coronavirus, we at Neeyamo have taken adequate measures to ensure business continuity across all our lines of businesses. The outbreak of COVID-19, now having been declared as a pandemic, has been creating a significant impact on how businesses operate. A multitude of global enterprises has been threatened by this contagious disease and credible resources even say the aftermath might last longer than predicted.

As of today, several hundred thousand people have been infected with COVID-19  and this has had a detrimental impact on the global market. The bear is running its course across the stock market and the net impact is bound to affect the globe over the next few months.

At Neeyamo, nothing is more important to us than the safety and well-being of our employees and their families. We are taking the necessary steps to stay informed and have engaged with the Centres for Disease Control and World Health Organization guidance for preventing and reducing the spread of COVID-19 across all our centres. Our employees are constantly reminded and educated about safety measures that they need to undertake in order to safeguard themselves and their families from the pandemic.

Neeyamo’s ‘defense-in-depth’ approach is aimed to achieve uninterrupted service operations for its customers. All symptomatic employees are provided with paid-leaves and encouraged to stay quarantined and avail medical assistance as the need may be. Some of our Centers have designated quarantine zones with on-call ambulances on standby for a rapid response should someone show any symptoms. It is a combination of Work-from-Home (WFH), zero physical meetings, and active health monitoring that we are using to drive the health and welfare of our employees.

Neeyamo has a robust business continuity program (BCP) in place, that focuses on creating systems of prevention and recovery to deal with potential threats to our global operations.

In keeping with local Government directives in India and abroad, Neeyamo has invoked BCP at Neeyamo’s Global Delivery Centres effective Mar 17, 2020, in a phased manner and the following measures had been taken to ensure business continuity:

  • All our employees have been provided with remote access and secure work from home has been enabled with all necessary checks. Our infrastructure is largely ‘cloud’ified!
  • Our applications are SaaS-based and can be securely accessed and have capabilities to instant industrialization to meet the requirement.
  • We have enabled extensive online collaboration capabilities for our employees to ensure seamless communication.
  • Our army of toolsets including NeeyamoWorks ServiceDesk™ for increased collaboration and control, NeeyamoWorks Time™ for time tracking with advanced time tracking functionalities and NeeymoWorks POST™ for effective employee engagement is at play to keep employees socially connected even as they are physically distanced.

Neeyamo’s Systems - UNOBSTRUCTED

Neeyamo’s ability to serve its customers has been unobstructed, to say the least. Heightened awareness is in place for the following areas:

  • Service scale and operations – Neeyamo’s cloud-based technology infrastructure has given it the ability to scale dynamically, including measuring effective utilization, reallocation of resources between services, and redistribution of workload load. Any increase or decrease in utilization is being addressed on an ongoing basis.
  • Supporting systems – Managing a remote workforce in the thousands will require an organization to have a robust toolkit in place that will help facilitate monitoring, reporting, and governance.

Neeyamo employs a security-first approach to administer exceptional and uninterrupted service delivery. Each employee, under the direct purview of his/ her manager, is held accountable for ensuring continued operational delivery and can securely administer services from remote locations.

Elastic Workforce

As one of the largest providers of HR, global payroll and background verification services, we have the capability of ensuring continued operations through our subject matter experts who are geographically dispersed.

A ‘deep’ on-call rotation allows for sustained support in case issues arise and ensures that resources are available in the event of specific individuals falling ill. A team of key critical resources is always available and is trained to tackle any situation that arises.

Culture Above All

It is sheer resilience that will keep any organization going in these trying times. We celebrate the passion and commitment of our global workforce. Neeyamo as an organization is trying its best to work for its employees while they tirelessly go over and above the call of their duty to support the customers!

While this excerpt provides an overview of the high-level efforts that would be taken concerning each of the impact areas, there more significant activities that relate to our business continuity efforts that are beyond the scope of this communication.

We appreciate your confidence in Neeyamo and strongly believe we will meet your needs to your fullest satisfaction.

If there are any questions regarding Neeyamo’s BCP, do drop us a line via email. Our team is listening.

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