With rapid global expansion at the heart of the current business ecosphere, organizations require a robust HR system to manage their expanding workforce. The C-suite require a single portal to give them instant access to live information on their workforce. To keep up with the pace of business disruption, the business layer demands an HR system that is simple yet comprehensive in managing their people.

Neeyamo collaborates to truly understand global companies’ HR process/ technology challenges and use its experience, the capability to help it become future-ready. Our extensive HR technology expertise combined with our proprietary products allows us to build solutions that leverage customers’ HRIT footprint and maximize their return on technology investment.

Neeyamo’s Cloud Transformation Services that partners with leading HRIS have enabled global organizations to digitize their HR and align their workforce with business goals.

SAP qualified partner package solutions

Cloud Transformation Services


HR is expected to strategically and efficiently manage transactional operations. This requires a strong and flexible HR foundation and further build on the foundation with solutions that serve to construct an engaged and better-prepared workforce. Neeyamo has partnered with leading cloud HRIS providers to deliver a host of HR services enabled by the cloud. Regardless of where you are in your cloud journey, we can help you not only find the best-fit cloud solution but execute it seamlessly too. Our optimized solutions accelerate faster time-to-value by tapping maximum value from your HR technology landscape. With proven expertise, strong partnerships and rich experience in tech-enablement of workforce management, we enable you to transform your workforce into a driver of high performance through effectively designing, deploying and transitioning to new HR processes and cloud solutions.

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    Our expertise

    Go-Live Faster

    Breaking the myth that HRIS implementations need to be long and complicated, Neeyamo implements using Rapid Deployment Solution (RDS) approach that significantly accelerates go-live.

    Ready HR process blueprints

    Instead of asking to design all your HR processes, Neeyamo’s ready-to-use HR process blueprints are available to you. These are configured to give your organization a huge head start in the implementation process mapping.

    Complete solutions

    The Neeyamo team builds complete solutions around your process – instead of just listing what is possible on the product; we go the full distance to find out what you need. We collaborate with you to work around product limitations and craft solutions that fit your needs – and not the other way round

    Commercial Flexibility

    We apply innovation and imagination to not just the way we build our solutions but also the way we structure them. Our flexible pricing framework allows you to adopt subscription-based pricing model, choose bucketed pricing consumption, or go for a fixed pricing.


    Neeyamo provides a "How do I...?" widget that guides users at every click on how to specific tasks in your SAP SuccessFactors instance. Userflows is a custom built real-time guide exclusively for your SuccessFactors users.

    Userflow explainer video

    The anatomy of Long-Tail is characterised by a catastrophic combination of low employee headcount which at times is as low as in double or single digits scattered across long tail of countries.

    Introduction to Long-Tail HRO

    Ezetap needed implementation of a core HRIS to drive goal-directed performance management system.Neeyamo deployed SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central (EC) and PM / GM using Rapid Deployment Solution (RDS) for an accelerated go-live

    Ezetap goes live with SuccessFactors in 21 days

    While globalization is a boon for any multinational organization, it comes with its own set of bane like having a skewed distribution of employees dispersed across a "Long-Tail" of countries.

    Long-Tail HR Operations: Key Challenges and How to Overcome Them