Workday Implementation

Workday Implementation

Introduction to Long Tail HRO

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Data Migrations

Data migration from legacy system/ERP to Workday is one of the biggest challenges for a successful Workday Implementation. Neeyamo’s Workday function is adept at extracting data from disparate systems, consolidating them in standardized templates, ensure data sanctity by eliminating errors & inconsistencies and ingest data into Workday. iLoad & Enterprise Interface Builder(EIB), a simplified spreadsheet tool offered by Workday allows for configurable data extraction and transformation in a user-friendly form-based graphical interface.


For successful Workday implementation, the prime factor is to ensure all requirements for your desired HR organization are captured in the new environment. Neeyamo will collaboratively work with you to understand and gather the requirements necessary to determine the best configurations to meet your business needs. Workday tools and templates will be utilized to gather the requirements, and the same will be reflected in the configuration workbooks.

Development of integrations and reports

Neeyamo has certified integration consultants who develop reports & integrations that are identified as critical for go live. To get meaningful insight into the business operations, simple/advanced/matrix., reports are developed using Workday report writer. Moreover, for building inbound and outbound integrations to bring all HR related systems into a unified solution/system, we use Workday Studio, Enterprise Interface Builder (EIB) & Workday Web Services (WWS).

While globalization is a boon for any multinational organization, it comes with its own set of bane like having a skewed distribution of employees dispersed across a "Long-Tail" of countries.

Long-Tail HR Operations: Key Challenges and How to Overcome Them

HR Cloud Transformation

Neeyamo is a core HRO services company – and provides full scope services for many global customers. Our team has GPHR® certified professionals, who are also certified in SuccessFactors. This unique combination of process delivery skills and technical specialization allows us to build more effective and complete solutions for you. The depth and breadth of our HR solutions are unparalleled in the industry and helps us bring a distinctive value proposition to the table.