Absence Management

Employee Absence has always been associated with lost revenue. Ability to track, predict and report out absences has a direct impact on organizational cost-saving capability. Neeyamo Absence™ technology is a one-stop shop to solve for all absence management requirements and pain points across organizations. With new age and innovative approaches to absence management, Neeyamo technology addresses all tracking, workflow, notifications and reporting & analytics needs of today’s workforce. With a core focus on making our solutions user-friendly, Neeyamo Absence™ solution allows on the go access and insightful dynamic dashboards that enable organizations to drive high user adoption and in turn a healthy ROI.

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Manage global policies for absence

With a flexible configuration approach, Neeyamo Absence™ technology allows organizations to support all applicable leave policies. Swift configurations allow quick deployments while considering all policy exceptions and variations across the entire gamut of statutory and organization governed rules. Neeyamo Absence uses smart identification of work groups that employees belong to and allows automatic allocation of relevant policies and leave rules. An additional flexibility layer is added with flexible leave accrual definitions supporting all policies enabling countless scenarios being addressed by a single tool. Now is the time to empower your workforce to enable all possible absence transactions and decisions though self-service on Neeyamo Absence™.

Seamless leave request management

Neeyamo Absence™ provides you and your employees a seamless platform to capture absence transactions. Excessive emails to request and approve leaves are a thing of the past, so is having to maintain employee absence records on spreadsheets. Neeyamo Absence™ has a seamless workflow and organizational availability visibility that makes managing employees’ leaves and further assists managers to forecast changes in assignments due to planned absences.

Adequate control of leave balances

Ensure that your employee’s paid time-off balances are kept up to date with automated leave accruals, balance resets and manual adjustments. Allow controlled or flexible work environment by enabling work restriction rules through Neeyamo Absence™. Proactive notifications and alerts help assess payroll impact caused by employee absence. Neeyamo Absence™ also allows leave dependency mapping, ensuring optimal leveraging of available leave balances.

Gain an overview of available resources

The peer-view feature helps employees to plan their paid time-off based on cross-team availability and for managers to take adequate measures to plan projects and subsequent deliverables. Peer groups are highly configurable and can be set up based on different work group combinations. Absence can help set thresholds on lean staffing required to ensure seamless delivery of projects across all work groups with delivery dependencies.

Apply for leaves, on the go

An employee who is physically ill, would no longer be required to communicate his absence by placing a call to the manager or drafting an official email explaining his sickness. Neeyamo suite of modules comes with a mobile interface that would allow your employee to formally notify absence to his/her peers simply through a few jabs on the mobile phone. This will ensure a proper record of the leave request.

CEO at Neeyamo in his interview with Global Payroll Management Institute at the Global Payroll Management Forum, briefly explains the various challenges an organization faces during the global payroll vendor selection process.

Global Payroll Vendor Selection Challenges

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