Employee Hub

Employee data sits at the centre of all HR processes and applications. It is therefore essential that HR departments are exposed to employee data which is highly accurate and maintained with utmost integrity. Neeyamo Employee Hub™ helps centralize and manage information of your current employees, former employees and applicants through a single interface. The centralized database can be seamlessly integrated with any of the HR systems and is designed to improve employee experience as well as HR efficiency.

Enhanced performance management services for a leading supply chain system integrator company

Our expertise

Data governance for operational efficiency

There is no longer a complex job of connecting dots of employee information dispersed across multiple spreadsheets or databases. All employee lifecycle transactions are captured in a central data repository which is constantly monitored through structured governance processes in order to maximize efficiency. Unconventional business and data rules, regulations and decision rights govern employee data in the system.

Integrity of employee data

Neeyamo Employee Hub™ provides a strong foundation for employee data by linking it to core employee processes including pay, time, absence, and benefits. The system is designed to provide effective governance routines and encourage active stakeholder interaction with the system and overall employee data – thus ensuring employee data integrity.

Secure and coherent data sets

Neeyamo solution suite operates out of a unified database and real-time (or near real-time) third-party integrations. A fine balance between collecting data and connecting to data ensures adherence to various privacy regulations that protect personally identifiable information.

Ease of data consumption

The system provides intuitive access via self-service through which employees can view and update their own information without having to communicate with HR. The customizable workflows not only make employees feel more in control but also serve as an invaluable time-saver for HR. And for third party systems, the NeeyamoWorks Employee Hub™ acts as a single point of integration and data exchange!

Ezetap needed implementation of a core HRIS to drive goal-directed performance management system.Neeyamo deployed SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central (EC) and PM / GM using Rapid Deployment Solution (RDS) for an accelerated go-live

Ezetap goes live with SuccessFactors in 21 days

A port-folio comprises of over 650 HR activities - from hire to retire.

Neeyamo offers to manage your entire global HR process from hire to retire delivering irresistible administrative and cost benefits with unparalleled quality. Neeyamo’s services are driven by powerful technology, strong global footprint and profound and evolving domain expertise that seamlessly blends with your global HR process for an optimized solution. Our port-folio of HR solutions that can be personalized to suit your needs. Our services include