Employee Record Management

Documentation or record management may not be the most fascinating task done by your HR on a frequent basis – Try asking your HR personnel. With the perpetual growth in employee count, there is numerous personnel information that needs to be managed properly throughout the tenure of each employee. Like it or not employee record management is very essential, not just to keep track of your human resources but also for legal and audit purposes. Without a proper solution to organize and maintain employee records, you may end up missing valuable information when they are most needed. Even worse, it may not be possible to recover such information once an employee has been separated from your organization.

Neeyamo can be your single source of truth for all your employee records. We combine our expertise in the HR space with industry best practices and a technological approach to organize and maintain employee registers. Our professionals will collaborate with your team to provide an optimum digital solution for record management. Your in-house HR can simply request us for any employee record at any point in time without the need to skim through countless documents to retrieve necessary information.

Employee Record Management services for a Korean headquartered electronics manufacturer

Our expertise

Readily Available Information

A tedious search when looking for employee records at a crucial time can prove exhaustive and cumbersome. Neeyamo proposes a readily available solution that eliminates such awkward scenarios. Our experts will effectively collaborate to maintain your employment records, retain as per statutory requirements and provide the same upon request at any point in time. Whether it be an audit situation or to perform an analysis, you can get the required information promptly and when needed, with a simple request.

Digital Approach

Digitization is the most effective contemporary method of organizing and maintaining records. Neeyamo’s “Digiview” platform facilitates digitization and maintenance of your records within your infrastructure. Our experts will constantly monitor, categorize, tag and index employee information – so the employee document that you would like to view, would just be a click away. Neeyamo also has the expertise to manage employee records on your existing information system with privileged access relieving your in-house team of monotonous administrative tasks like updating, organizing and auditing employee records.

Single Accountability

Multiple sources to maintain employee records is a hassling experience and an error-prone method. Neeyamo offers to be your single source for employee record management. Neeyamo’s professionals will liaise with your team to provide you with accurate personnel information at any given time. With our expertise and established industry best practices, we ensure optimized employee record management and timely delivery of required information.

Elimination of Administrative Burden

Record management imposes a heavy administrative burden on your team distracting them from their core focus thereby impeding productivity. The most important facet of Neeyamo’s employee record management service is to handle the administrative work for your in-house team by undertaking complete maintenance of your employee records. With our experts constantly monitoring and managing employment records, your in-house team can concentrate on their primary tasks contributing better towards organizational growth.

IN Team caught up with Tim Musson at the CIPP Annual Conference in late 2016 at Wales  Tim is the global authority and an industry veteran in data protection, information security and privacy related matters

INConversation with Tim Musson: Information and Data Security imperatives in managing HR Data

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Neeyamo offers to manage your entire global HR process from hire to retire delivering irresistible administrative and cost benefits with unparalleled quality. Neeyamo’s services are driven by powerful technology, strong global footprint and profound and evolving domain expertise that seamlessly blends with your global HR process for an optimized solution. Our port-folio of HR solutions that can be personalized to suit your needs. Our services include