Expense Management

Submitting expenses is often a tedious and inefficient task for employees and finance departments alike. Neeyamo Expense™ helps you digitize your expense management process and thereby improving its overall efficiency and user experience. As a fully-automated solution, Neeyamo Expense™ helps reduce the time spent on accounts payable and other administrative overheads, all the while helping your finance team to manage all expenses online and make informed decisions.

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Streamlined solution

Neeyamo Expense™ helps standardize and automate the process of submitting, approving and reimbursing expenses incurred. The solution provides employees the ability to submit a digital invoice of expenses; the solution’s mobile interface features an OCR scanner that supports receipt management. Multi-currency support with customizable exchange rate configurations are pre-built for ease of use.

Smart workflow

Automated workflows guarantee swifter reimbursement thereby enhancing employee experience. Neeyamo Expense™ acts as an interface between the employee, his manager and the finance department; with its robust control & workflows which leads to elimination of fraudulent expense submissions, reimbursement claims can be resolved seamlessly. Smart notifications and alerts ensure timely communication across stakeholders.

Real-time reporting

Neeyamo Expense™ provides you with real-time reports and data to aid with on-time actionable insights. The ability to drill down and have a multi-dimensional view of transactions across stages, category and user-profile, provides improved visibility translating to informed decisions.

Effective control

Neeyamo Expense™ helps you effectively monitor and control company-wide expenses. The solution is fully-automated with adequate audit trails that identifies and eliminates the risk of human errors. The ability to transact, monitor cash advances and raise red flags as needed assures proactive budgetary control and reduction in revenue leakages.

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